Founded on December 2018, INTERTRAD ASIA is a young company specialized in prefabricated house, building material, equipment and furniture. Our business area is in Asia-Pacific area. Our products are complied with local standard like CE certificate and the products are in good quality. We always focus on the products that have a really good ratio price-quality. Furthermore, we are always looking for innovative products in order to beautify our customers’ projects.<br /> <br /> Our services:<br /> - Guide our customers to make the best choice in considering their budget and their requirements<br /> - Make the best offer and deliver the orders that meet the deadlines<br /> - Propose solution to beautify their project<br /> - Comply their project with local standards (eg: CE Certificate)<br /> <br /> If you need more information, you can contact us on and visit the website on


55 Hennessy Road, Wan Hai, HONG KONG,

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Available from Monday to Saturday between 12pm to 8 pm (Breton time)

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Fonctionnement en breton
La langue bretonne est une langue de travail au quotidien dans la structure

Yes, all of our services are in Breton and English languages.

Nous pouvons échanger à l'oral en breton (service, accueil, salarié-e brittophone, téléphone, visite)

We speak English, Breton and sometimes French

Les tickets de caisse sont en breton

Yes, all of the invoices in Breton and English.

Les cartes de visite sont en breton

Yes in Breton

Je soutien Diwan ou des associations travaillant pour la langue bretonne

To promote my products and they can get in touch on

Nom de l’entreprise ou de produit(s) en breton

House, Building Material, 3D Design

Le message du répondeur est en breton

INTERTRAD ASIA supplies houses, building material, 3D Design and other products. Whether you need to know more about our service and our products, please contact us on Thanks in advance.

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